Apple of his Eye: A story of a man and his first love, the apple.

Apple of his Eye

A story of a man and his first love, the apple.

Begin the story

Once Upon A Time

Over 150 years ago, a Swiss man traveled to the central coast of California. In search of opportunity, he ventured to the picturesque Pajaro Valley. Little did he know that as he traversed the luscious land, he’d discover his first love: the apple.

As He Explored

He struck gold — gold in the form of agriculture, that is. He was in awe of not only the valley’s rich soil and water resources, but also the apple orchards that covered the abundantly fertile land. It was love at first sight.

Pajaro Valley

this wasn’t a romantic love

This was something that ignited his passion and his drive. He found opportunity in these apples — these apples that were of exceptional quality and tasted like something he’s never tasted before.

S. Martinelli

He Had His Favorite

He fell in love with the Newtown Pippin. It was tart. It was sweet. It was oddly shaped, but it was perfect. He found his match.

Perfect Match

Roughly Nine Years Later

S. Martinelli & Company was born, inspired by the rows and rows of apple orchards nestled amongst the grounds of the Pajaro Valley.

Original factory

Happily Ever After

And that is the story of how Stephen G. Martinelli’s first love of apples sparked the birth of the Martinelli’s Juice Brand.